Scientific and independent

An important element of "Life inclusive" is a scientific longitudial study which will be conducted over and beyond the entire duration of the project.

The evaluation, which will be conducted by sociologists Prof. Dr. Mechthild Bereswill and Johanna Z├╝hlke from Kassel University, is designed to collect and analyse quantitative and qualitative data on the mechanisms of project concept, implementation and impact. The results of the study will also serve as a basis for the derivation of reliable insights into whether multipronged mentoring programmes that combine peer, one-to-one and group mentoring are effective tools to enhance inclusion in the tertiary education sector and beyond.

The project carrier will also utilise any available interim results to improve the programme structure and elements, selection criteria etc. Tha means that insights from the initial project phases can be incorporated in the planning and implementation process of later phases.

The evaluation design is that of a qualitative, process-oriented ancillary research project which allows the reconstruction of learning and development processes that have taken place over a longer period of time.