Project Structure

When and what

The Hildegardis Society conducts two one-year project cycles in which forty students will take part (20 per cycle).

Group Meetings

In the course of the two one-year program phases, all projects participants will get together at three network meetings (kick-off, mid-term, concluding). These group events will provide the opportunity for workshops or tutorials as well as the exchange of views and ideas, or criticism and the establishment of personal contacts to other mentees and co-mentors. External guests will be invited, too, to add their input on specific topics and further expand the network.

Biographical Exploration

The project is based on the principle of lifelong learning as well as the importance of biographical development and the exchange of experiences. For that reason, personal encounters between the tandems and their co-mentors play a central part in the program: The students will visit their co-mentors at their place of work and/or at home. On these occasions they will not only have the opportunity to gain an insight into the work and job environment of the co-mentors. More importantly, they will conduct self-designed biographical interviews in which their try to identify strategies for success and problem solution patterns they may later use for themselves.

Support and Supervision

The project coordinator and the process supervisor will be available to all project participants for individual advice during the entire project duration. If required, the student tandems will be invited to "team days" dedicated to individual tandem coaching and counseling.